The Club Dallas The Club Dallas

Club Dallas offers a gym, available to all Club guests, that can accommodate anyone's fitness needs. Our mission is to provide a unique environment where anyone can feel comfortable. You will not experience the "I don't fit in" attitude that is exhibited in many gyms. You belong!

Club Dallas is unique in that we are able to serve as a community testing site for STD and HIV, and a place to distribute condoms and valuable safe sex information to both members and non-members. So whether you're gay, bisexual, or straight (member or non-member), Dallas Aids Testing Resource Center provides free testing every Tuesday from 8 – 10 at Club Dallas. Click Safe Sex Guide or go to for more information.

Club Dallas continues to believe in promoting the well being of the gay community through supporting organizations that protect your health and civil rights. Jack Campbell, a founding owner, led the fight to oppose the anti-gay Save Our Children campaign led by Anita Bryan in the early 70's; supported the formation of MCC, the Gay Games, and the National Gay Task Force; plus, contributed to the Human Rights building in Washing D.C. Because of you and us working together, positive changes are happening all around us.